Hello! I know what you're thinking. What's wrong with all these blogs about beauty and make-up? Yes, this is yet another one of them.

What I deal with in life has nothing to do with lipsticks or eyebrow plucking. I am a young graduate who is just about to make the first steps to start her career. Job hunting is particularly stressful and frustrating these days, so I thought I would make the most out of this transition period by using my time to do something that has always been a part of me and that makes me happy.

Therefore, the title of this blog reveals my intention to write about skincare, make-up and all things beauty to celebrate the most lightweight side of my (and your) personality. Today, more than anytime, I feel that I need to work on what I find really enjoying in life.
I hope this blog makes enjoyable reading for you too!

For contacts, please email mv.bortolussi@gmail.com!

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