Friday, 29 April 2011

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Review and Swatches!

I've been loving these glosses from NYX recently! 

They come in a HUGE selection of shades (as much as 50 to choose from!!) and they are very affordable. They retail for $5.50 in the US, but they aren't nearly as inexpensive if you order from the UK site (£5.95, boo!). However, you can find some pretty neat deals on eBay, there is a bunch of online sellers who have amazing wholesale offers. 

Now, I'm not a huge sucker for glosses, but these ones really won me over. Why? 
- they are NOT sticky (which usually is an issue with lipglosses)
- they have decent lasting power
- they are generally very opaque (no sheer washes of colour here!)
- they have cute and functional packaging 
- again, the crazy colour range, with some pretty unique shades

There is a minor downfall to these ones, which is the smell. They smell like cheap plastic make-up, almost strawberry-ish. If you can bear a weird smell (it fades away though), then I would totally recommend these!

So, I've got four shades, which you can see in the swatches below:
Left to right: Clear, Beige Pearl, Plush Red, African Queen

Clear is just a plain clear gloss that looks lovely when dabbed on top of a smokey eye - glamour check. 
Beige Pearl is a shimmery warm champagne.
Plush Red is a bright cool-toned red (reminds me of MAC Russian Red lipstick?).
In my opinion the real star here is African Queen! It's quite difficult to describe, but let me try: a warm fuchsia with a blue/violet duochrome to it. This is VERY opaque and looks like vynil on the lips. I believe this would look absolutely gorgeous on women of colour (which the name in fact suggests). 

I also swatched these on my lips to show you how they actually translate (top to bottom: Clear, Beige Pearl, Plush Red, African Queen), but bear in mind that the last two colours are much brighter in person. Swatches were taken on moisturized lips, with neither lip liner nor lipstick on, so I am aware that the application does not look flawless, sorry about that.

(Please excuse the gross pimple at the side of my mouth, bad skin day).

Have you tried these NYX glosses? Which other shade would you recommend? Say it in the comments!

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