Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Screenface order: Ben Nye & RCMA

Hello everyone!

Sometime ago I placed my first order on www.screenface.co.uk, a UK-based website for professional beauty supplies. I must say my experience with this company has been really good! They have a wide selection of professional brands like Ben Nye, Japonesque, Kryolan, OPI, Temptu, etc. as well as their own line of products. Since my first and only order with Camera Ready Cosmetics was unsuccessful because the customs retained my parcel, I finally decided to purchase within the EU, even though the prices in pounds aren't as convenient as those in dollars obviously.
So, I got a few products for my kit which you can see below. The shipping was fast and the items arrived well packaged in perfect conditions.

1. RCMA Screenface 18-pan Foundation Palette
This palette has a really great range of shades, mostly with neutral undertones, so they should work well on most people. I wanted to try a cream-based foundation and this particular one is supposed to photograph beautifully as well, which is one of my main concerns. So far I can't speak of the quality (I will update soon) but I will say that I was a bit disappointed of its size when I unboxed it: it literally fits the palm of my hand, so I have a feeling it won't last very long, bummer! The price tag is a little steep at £69.95 for 40g, but you get the advantage of trying out a lot of shades plus three cream blushes.

2. Ben Nye Total Cover-All Wheel SK-100
This concealer palette is mostly made of "salmon" colours, so they should work really well with undereye circles. The pan at the centre is the lightest one and it can be mixed with the other ones to lighten them up. I'd say this is a medium-toned palette, but I chose this one over the SK-200 because it looked more versatile, plus I really needed some pink/orange based concealer for undereye darkness. It was £27.95 for 28g.


3. Ben Nye Neutral Set - Colorless Face Powder
There isn't much to say about this one, except that it is a transparent/translucent setting powder that looks white in the bottle but actually doesn't alter the colour of your foundation. I've had the chance to try it this morning, it feels very comfortable and it's almost undetectable to the eye! It was also pretty cheap at £5.95 for 49g of product.

4. Screenface False Eyelashes n. G600 Black
These were £4.95.

Bottom note: if I had purchased these items in the US, I would have saved a lot of money. Unfortunately it is still pretty risky to order from overseas, as you have to face the possibility of paying high customs taxes that sometimes exceed the value of your parcel. :-(

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