Tuesday, 7 June 2011

June RAVE: OCC Lip Tars Review, Photos, Swatches

L-r: Strumpet, Hush, Harlot

 I had been reading about these Lip Tars for months until I finally caved in and purchased some on Love-makeup.co.uk. I've had these for a month or so and I can honestly say they're one of the best make-up products I have ever encountered!! They definitely deserve the rave.

These Lip Tars are popular among make-up artist, because basically they are lipsticks in liquid form, which means that a) you can mix colours to get unique custom-made shades b) they have the ease of application of a lipgloss but the finish of a lipstick.

Picture taken in natural light w/out flash

When you squeeze the product out of the tube it comes out like a very thick lipgloss and it is indeed very easy to apply and spread on your lips. You need to be EXTREMELY careful though, because these are super concentrated in pigment, so you only need the teeniest tiniest drop to get full opacity. A tube will last forever! Do not even think about applying straight out of the tube!! It would result in a hot smeared mess. These need a lip brush and possibly, lipliner for best results.

So after a few seconds the Lip Tars dry out and assume a beautiful velvety finish on your lips. They contain mainly natural ingredients (they're vegan) including some moisturizing oils, so the feel is extremely comfortable. They last for hours but they are not transfer-proof. Actually, they are likely to stain your skin (especially the brightest colours) so be careful when handling these. I swatched the Lip Tars on my arm and then vigorously rubbed TWO make-up remover wipes on it and here's the result:

So, I am a sucker at bright&bold lipcolour and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics totally made me happy with these since they released 33 beautiful shades including some of the brightest I have ever seen (Anime).  
- Harlot is a stunning coral red, incredibly bright, think MAC Lady Danger but with a coral base.
- Strumpet is a complex shade, not easy to describe. I didn't own anything like this! It is "seedless grape red" on OCC official website, it definitely has lots of red and purple and plum in it, and although it is quite a deep colour I find it incredibly flattering on my pale skin as well!  
- Hush is the only nude colour I picked, it is a pastel pink with hints of beige and peach in it. It almost nudes out my lips and it's the least moisturizing of the bunch.

Now onto the lip swatches: please excuse the messiness, I couldn't be bothered to pick up my lip brush, so I used my fingers to apply (I am aware it's bleeding in the pics):


I'm in LOVE with these and I'm totally purchasing more. The price is also very reasonable IMO, around £8.50 on UK websites although buying in the US would be cheaper.

I've also been testing OCC Skin Primer and I will post a review soon, but let me just say it's another amazing product from this brand.

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