Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stars Makeup Haven eyeshadow Review, Photo, Swatches and EOTD!

I've had these eyeshadows for a couple of months now and I can honestly say that they're GREAT! I reach for them as often as my MAC shadows. I purchased them along with a few other things on love-makeup.co.uk. They are £4 each, so I figured I might as well trust the hype and buy a fair amount! I'm so glad I did!

Karlasugar has a very comprehensive post about these, including high-quality swatches. Check her review here.

They are sold in pan form, so I organized them in a MAC palette:

Onto the swatches (and my attempt at shade description):

Left to right:
- Over the Moon: dirty yellow gold (shimmery)
- Mimosa: pale yellow gold (shimmery)
- Pink Opal: white/pink duochrome (frosty)
- Creme d'Nude: flesh colour (which is why you probably can't see that on my arm... but it makes for a great transition colour on me, or a natural highlight on dark skintones. I use this one a lot) (matte)
- The White Shadow: plain white, MAC Gesso dupe (matte)

Left to right:
- Calypso: muted grey with strong blue undertones (very shimmery)
- 1492: electric blue with blue shimmer (shimmery)
- Evergreen: medium bluish-green (matte)
- Fresh: emerald green with light green/gold shimmer (shimmery)
- Fireflies: neon yellow (matte)

Left to right:
- Primal: dark brown with a metallic cool sheen (shimmery)
- Charade: chocolate brown (matte)
- Showstopper: medium reddish brown with purple undertones (matte)
- Breathless: taupe with purple undertones (shimmery)
- Chic: purple with subtle silver shimmer (shimmery)

- great pigmentation
- soft, buttery, long-lasting eyeshadows
- wide range of colours, interesting shades
- shades have names (did you hear that, Inglot?)
- great value for money

- can only buy online and therefore cannot see shades in person
- some shades have a little fallout (but I just tap the excess off my brush or foil them)

Finally, this is an eye look I realized a few days ago with one of the craziest shades I got, Fireflies:

Apparently, some yellows can work on fair skintones too!

Have you tried SMH eyeshadows yet? How do you feel about them? Say it in the comments!


  1. hi,vittoria! i cannot wait to see what you think about Hue... since you also have pale skin, it will for sure look beautiful. You asked me how MUFe 36 compares to Mac Lickable. I used to wear Lickable but when I recieved my MUFE 36, I retired Lickable.... the MuFE 36 is more pigmented and makes a statement. it is a unique fuschia, while Lickable is great but looks like any old hot pink. Also, Lickable always got on my teeth and smudged. Conclusion: I totally think MUFE 36 is better than Mac Lickable.

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